Best Wireless Headphone Sony WH-1000XM3 For Music Lovers

Best Wireless Headphone Sony WH-1000XM3 For Music Lovers

As we all know how popular a sony company is. Sony is a Japanese company based in Japan. They specialize in some awesome electronic goods, and over the years they have made some space in every customer’s hearts because of it awesome quality and they provide these awesome qualities in a very good and affordable price range.

Talking about Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless Headphone it is a premium classic headphone that could be the best headphone out in the market right now, this headphone is a little beast and it can perform in such a way that you can’t even imagine of.

This little beast is a voice assistant ready, has a great battery back up of 30 hours non-stop, also it has an amazing touch sensor which does wonders because it works smoothly. The real wonder it does in the noise cancellation, it is the main and the center attraction of this amazing headphone.

About Features.

Voice Attention

If you are talking about the eight wonders then this is it, this feature will do some incredibly good stuff, I bet you would have never heard of this feature before. This feature helps to make quick attention to the people around you while they are talking to you, in this moe you don’t have to take off your headphones or anything you just have to place your hand over the housing and it will automatically set your volume in such a way that you could pay attention and also talk to people in the same time you are listening to your favourite playlist.

Voice Assistant

If you don’t know then now you will know about another amazing feature of it which will blow your mind again. This headphone enables Voice assistant, actually, it comes with voice assistant ready. You can give commands to your phone without even taking out your phone from the little tiny pocket of yours.

It is compatible with Alexa, Google, and many others.

Battery Life

It has a fast-charging feature in it and when I say fast then I mean it. because the headphone gets fully charged in just mins and will give you at least a battery backup or playback of hours continuously. But to get fully charged it needs up to one and a half-hour. So we hereby came to know that it has an amazing battery backup which will never let you to get interrupt in the first place while you’re binging over a web series or you are listening to music.

Foldable Case

This amazing Sony WH-1000XM3 Headphone comes with a case to store it. It is foldable and quite flexible which makes it easy to take out for travelling or commuting purposes.

The best features which we personally like is the Noise Cancellation, it does wonder when you work with that, it has an amazing feature of Noise cancellation and the other features which blew my mind off were the sense engine and the battery life, because of this is the amazing and the best feature in it. Both of these features are good sorry are the best in their place.


We all know that good things come at a price, so here we can say the same thing that this amazing headphone with so many great features will come at a price which everyone can’t afford but for which one can think. So if you want to grab this I would say you absolutely grab this amazing headphone because it has an amazing sound quality and amazing bass also it is very comfortable to your ears, which makes it a more awesome device.

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