Here’s Best Skullcandy X6FTFZ-823 2XL Phase Over-Ear Headphone 2021

Here’s Best Skullcandy X6FTFZ-823 2XL Phase Over-Ear Headphone 2021

Talking about Skullcandy, it’s one of the most well-known trustworthy companies in the United States and it’s also located in Utah, United States. It is also one of the leading companies which manufacture headphones and other sound system stuff, it’s because the company is based in the USA for 15 years.

Best Headphone 2021

The product quality of it’s at another level which is the best until I used it, they produce some best and top-notch quality of headphones. It’s a pocket-friendly headphone and doesn’t go toward its size because it’s a beast when it comes to sound quality. Coming to the Skullcandy X6FTFZ-823 2XL Phase Over-Ear Headphone Review then we could start with its features.

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Outstanding Design

The color green gives it a classic look and also it makes the headphones look out of the box and grabs everyone’s attention, as I said before that it is a pocket-friendly headphone which could make it easy to carry. Talking about the classic and premium finish done in it makes it look outstanding which is a plus point of it. You will find it very attractive while using, which will make you stand out in a crowd of people.


As I have mentioned before that the lightweight feature of it is one of the best features you could discover in it because for this feature you could carry it anywhere you want to, doesn’t matter if it’s a long ride or short, you could use it anywhere you want to listen to music. In traveling it is your best companion because it will let you listen to songs and to watch movies without any pain in your head or something like that.

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You may have used some unbearable and hurting headphones in the past which makes you really uncomfortable in the long run because of its not so good quality cushion but in Skullcandy Headphone they have made sure that there is no such bad user experience so for this they have added an extra cushion layer which will make sure that your head and ear are not hurting and you feel comfortable in the long run. I would recommend these headphones to the people who listen for hours and hours of music in one go.

Powerful Bass

If you’re an EDM fan then without any second thoughts you should go for it because the bass in it is noticeable and decent. If you love hearing music with some extra bass then I would definitely recommend this headphone because it is one of the best powerful bass headphones out on the market till now. This headphone in this price range would not disappoint you in the bass.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Skullcandy  Phase Over-Ear Headphone is pretty awesome but you know what in this price range of 750 INR this is the best you can get with such good sound quality and with a powerful bass it has.

Noise Cancellation

As per I know there is no such noise cancellation it does and also there is no such device detected which cancels the noise, so you have to bear with it in this.


In the budget of 750 INR, this is the best headphone you could get, and also it is the most fashionable headphone out there which has a classic look too. So I would recommend these headphones more than anything only in this price range.

Also, the setbacks are there because in this budget there would be some setback but if you are okay with all the setbacks then you should go for this amazing headphone in this price range.

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