10 Reasons To Buy pTron Tangent  Lite Sports Wireless Headset

10 Reasons To Buy pTron Tangent Lite Sports Wireless Headset

You must have heard of pTron, it’s a popular name across the digital world. It’s a trustworthy headset company which develops amazing headphones and accessories, one of the amazing produced PTron Headphone is PTron Tangen Lite Sports Wireless Headset.

Features Of PTron Tangent Lite Sports Wireless Headset:

This headset comes with some amazing and different set of features that will define you and your personality. Let me tell you that it will also help you to do multitasking on the go.

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Do you too feel kinda irritated during a workout session when your headset or headphone falls off of your ear? Yes, I do too feel irritated of it but now PTron has developed some amazing set of the headset by which you don’t have to feel more irritated now because it’s developed in the way that it will never fall off of your ear. Isn’t it amazing?

Superb Sound Quality

If you’re buying a pair of headsets then obviously you want some very good sound quality which will make you groove into the song and also to lost in it. So in this headset, you don’t have to worry about it because you this headsets give you an awesome sound quality which will make you never regret buying these headsets.

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Sound Cancellation

This is also important and to be watched feature, because what’s the profit if you buy a headset and then it doesn’t provide noise cancellation and you are hearing all those unwanted noises. So in the pTron Tangent Lite Sports Wireless Headset, it provides you with an amazing sound cancellation which will help you to cancel all the unwanted noises which you don’t want to hear during you listen to your favourite songs which takes you in another world.

Smart Buttons

This is an eye-catching feature because it ultimately helps you to do some multitasking work because on a go you can level up your volume on an another go you will be level down your volume. It also helps to pick up the important calls and to reject the unwanted ones, which also helps you to keep out yourself from unwanted people from your life. You may also love to buy JBL tune 600 btnc on ear Wireless headphones.

Wireless Connectivity

Who in this world doesn’t love music, right? So while doing some workout or some household works you want to hear some amazing songs, for this it has the feature of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that allows flawless coverage of sound in the 10 meters radius.

Silicone Eartips

Everyone wants comfort, right? These Silicone Eartips are designed in such a way that they are more than comfortable and you would be able to use it as long as you want comfortably. This soft and flexible ear tips fits easily into your ear canal without causing any irritation into your ears. These ear tips are durable and also they are easy to clean in case if it becomes dirty.


It has 125mah Li-Polymer battery that gets completely charged in just 95 minutes or you could say 1.5 hours. It helps you and gives you an amazing standby time of 200 hours and an impressive 6 hours of playtime and talk time.

So by the help of these features, you can enjoy listening to your favourite playlist or binging your favourite webseries. And all of these in just a single recharge, which will get you to enjoy your whole time without any other worries.

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Just grab a PTron Tangent Lite Sports Wireless Headset without any double thoughts in your head and enjoy an amazing experience with it, without any irritation and with some amazing sound quality and never to forget with amazing noise cancellation feature.

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