5 Tips To Extend Your Smartphone’s Life Extend Smartphone life

5 Tips To Extend Your Smartphone’s Life

Smartphones are getting expensive day by day. An average smartphone cost in India is approx 100-150$ with better features.  An average cost of an iPhone is about 600-700$ which is too expensive. If you’re an smartphone user then you must take care of it & try every possible way to increase its life.

Extend Smartphone life
Extend Smartphone life

There are lots of ways to extend the life of your smartphone. But, you need to follow them regularly not once. If you’re regularly following these tips then you don’t need to switch your smartphone within a year or two.

1). Use Screen Protector – Tempered or Buff Guard

If your smartphone gets fall on the ground it will cost you around 50-60$ in the same cost you can buy a new phone. So, instead of paying this high amount I recommend you to take care of your smartphone’s screen. Buying a tempered glass or screen protector will cost you maximum 5$.

It is a good step to reduce the risk of your smartphone damage. Still, if you have a smartphone with a broken screen. Make sure you take it to repair shop instead of buying a new one & after that put a screen protector on it.

2). Remove Unwanted Apps & Media

This is one of the finest way to increase your smartphone’s life. It will also help you to increase the performance of your smartphone. If you’re feeling that your phone is getting slow down then make sure you don’t have unwanted apps in your phone.

Also, you must keep your gallery clean. Make sure you don’t have unwanted photos, videos, apps in your phone otherwise they will keep downgrading your phone’s performance & it will get slow down soon.

3). Shut Down or Restart Regularly.

Whenever we stops working on a laptop we shut it down. Similarly, our smartphones needs to be shut down regularly but not all time we can do that. But, I recommend you to shut down your phone when you don’t need it.

Or, while sleeping you can put it on Airplane mode or switch it off. Keeping your phone on power down for hours will help you to run it more effectively & extend its life.

4). Take advantage of cloud storage.

Every smartphone comes with cloud storage these days. Even if your smartphone doesn’t have that you can use Google Drive which provides you 5GB cloud storage for free. It will definitely help you to increase your smartphone performance & also minimize the risk of data loss in case you lost your phone.

5). Follow Good Charging Practices.

You also need to take care of your smartphone’s battery to increase its life. Otherwise you have to replace your battery after a few months of buying it.

So, you need to follow best Charing practices like don’t overcharge your smartphone. Don’t keep it on charging always. While charging don’t play games or use any high-end app. Try to put it on aeroplane mode while charging.

These are some of the best practices to Increase the life of any smartphone you use. If you’re rich & doesn’t care about a few bucks then you can use your phone however you want. But if you don’t want to spend money again & again to buy a smartphone then I recommend you to follow these practices regularly.

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