Treblab X5 Truly Wireless Is Best Headphone For You. Know Why?

Treblab X5 Truly Wireless Is Best Headphone For You. Know Why?

Who likes wires around there neck all day long? or just for some time, if you can go wireless? Earbuds would help you to get out of this misery of resisting wires around your neck all day long. Just by one touch, you can accept calls and by just double touch you can reject one, easy way to accept and reject right? It would be so ironic if we would have this feature in the real life too, but nevertheless, we can have it in our beautiful and full of features headphones.

Treblab X5 Headphoens

So we suggest you a headphone name Treblab X5 Truly Wireless Headphones, which can get you all those above-mentioned features and also the features which I am going to tell you below, so for more features follow this whole article.

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Bluetooth Connectivity

It has Bluetooth of 4.2 technology with Qualcomm technology powers. Treblab X5 Wireless Headphones ensure that it gives you the best sound quality in a covering range of 33 feet with the cutting edge sound. So you can enjoy your music in a wide range of 33 feet without any interruption.

Beryllium Drivers

These wireless earbuds from Treblab come high-end 8.2 mm, beryllium drivers. They have made sure about the sound quality and the exceptional audio technology which makes it a more powerful and focused bass.

Built-in Microphone

We all need a headphone which ultimately lets us do multitasking if we invest a big chunk of money on it so if we are investing that much money then we need some awesome features too for which the earphones have a built-in microphone for hands-free HD calling like an awesome feature. Also if you need more features like activating Siri or google assistant then it does this too.

Charging Case

With good wireless headphones, we need a good charging case too which will not take much time to get the charge, so in the Treblab X5 Headphones charge case it takes only two hours to get fully charged, it also allows you to charge while traveling so you can’t miss all those happiness in the go. Also Check:- SkullCandy Headphones

Waterproof Rating

These earbuds come with an IPX4 Waterproof Rating which makes it sweatproof and water-resistant. Therefore you don’t have to worry if accidentally it comes in touch with water anyhow. So it can be successfully used in the gym, so if you do the workout on a regular basis then it could be of your use.


You would be quite fascinated by the design of the earbud, unlike other earbuds the shape of this earbud especially is different from them because most of the earbuds want to go small that they can hide in your ear canal it does the opposite thing which other earbud does, rather than hiding it loves to stand out in the crowd and flex itself successfully.


The Treblab X5 Truly Wireless Headphones are user-friendly and pocket friendly for anyone. And as per the source they are very much durable so you don’t have to worry how much you use it because it wouldn’t break, so no fear of breaking it. On the other hand, other earbuds are delicate and soft to handle it is opposite of them, it offers you more durability than any other earbuds and many more things.

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It is the best buy for those who do a workout or are in sports and want to do some multitasking like doing practice and also hearing music side by side. This is the best buy for them specially and I personally recommend these awesome earbuds, which are very much durable and also sustainable and also stand out in the crowd.

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