Why Lenovo V130 HD Is Best Laptop Option For Bloggers

Why Lenovo V130 HD Is Best Laptop Option For Bloggers

Lenovo is a well-known company and a trustworthy brand that has made itself known over the years, it is a popular brand around the globe and now they have launched an amazing laptop set which is Lenovo V130 HD. As we all know that Lenovo is well known for its quality which it provides us with the affordable price like this set of laptop. The laptops they built are one of the best ones out there in the market and they are durable too.

Why Lenovo V130 HD Is Best Option?

This Lenovo HD Laptop comes in a classic, clean, simple design that also consists of a large touchpad. It also features a powerful processor that ensures maximum productivity and on the other hand, the extra security feature makes sure that all your data is safe. But it is upon you that you purchase it from a reliable retailer because the durability will depend upon it a lot, so then only you can expect durability and quality.

Why Lenovo Is Best Choice


Weight and Size

Lenovo V130 Laptop comes with 37.5 x 25.3 x 2.2 cm and it weighs almost 1.8 kg, making it portable and also compact. These measurements make sure that you can carry it wherever you want it to be carried it along with you without feeling any weight


If your work is related somewhere to typing then this is the idle laptop you were finding because this laptop comes with an ergonomic keyboard that is designed for typing accuracy and comfort for the idle user. The large keyboard of it will ultimately help you to be a lot productive and creative at the same time when you will do your work.

You no longer have to use a mouse, isn’t it great? because the keyboard is spill-resistant, which will help you to go for your work without any worrying about little mishaps.


Lenovo V130 HD laptop consist of seventh Gen Core i3 -7020U Intel Core Processor, which is one of the best processors you could get in this range, it will help you to make your work much easier than it is.

Operating System

Lenovo HD V130 laptop is compatible with the DOS Operating System which is again one of the best-operating systems you could ask for in this range of your budget.


Lenovo HD laptop comes with some display features which are as follows:-

  • The screen size of it is 15.6 inches which is a very good size according to the work it can be used for.
  • This laptop display consists of IPS 220 Nits
  • It comes with  Anti-glare technology
  • It also consists of 1366×768 pixels Maximum Display Resolutions.


Lenovo V130 HD Laptop comes with an amazing battery life, which will help you to use it non stop 6 hours after fully charging it. Besides, if you are in some kind of hurry and the laptop is dead so for it comes with a rapid charge technology that helps in boosting productivity levels, and it gets 50% charge just in an hour which will help you to use it for more hours and you don’t have to skip your work and you can finish it on time because of this amazing feature of its.


The Lenovo HD laptop consists of an amazing feature which is Intel HD Graphics 620 and an integrated Graphics Card Description.

Why You Should Buy Lenovo?

Lenovo V130 HD Laptop is a very light weighted laptop that will ultimately help you to carry it to your work or wherever you want to. Rather of its lightweight, it features a super performance.

According to the budget, it will fix all your needs and you can trust the brand by closing your eyes.

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