Windows and Linux Comparison

Windows and Linux Comparison

Apache Web Server / Tomcat / LAMP

SLES comes with a full Apache web server including a Mysql database and Perl scripting support. The Apache / Tomcat / Lamp runs approximately 75 percent of the world’s websites.

High Availability Clustering

Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop – SLED
This author found that initially opening SLED, it took about an hour to feel comfortable with accomplishing comparable operations in Windows. The SLED GUI is designed with a similar, but not identical arrangement as the Windows system most users a comfortable with. The SLED OS can reduce the total cost of ownership since it comes with a full Office Suite — the Novell version of OpenOffice which is more comprehensive than the regular OpenOffice. While a few exotic compatibility issues have surfaced in recent years such as spreadsheet macros or mail merges, Novell has made great strides in addressing those issues; however, this author did not run into those compatibility issues.
Windows Comparison with Suse Linux

Windows Comparison with Suse Linux
Pricing is a no-brainer that Suse Linux will save you money. It will save both on the server and desktop side. The real-world reality comes in where most environments have some specific requirement for Windows, so most of the time Windows will still be a necessity . . . however, consider Wine.
Wine is something to consider as a type of software shim that allows many (not all) Windows to run on top of Linux. OpenSuse has a package available for the 11.0 version. There are other Windows / Linux compatibility programs as well. But also consider, the real world is getting to the point where some of our beloved Windows programs don’t run on Vista, Vista programs won’t run on Win2000 or XP or some combination. In this economy, a less expensive option for IT services is a welcome bonus.

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